Warrant Service

Warrant Service Course   |   5 Days  


This 5 day course is will improve upon critical skills for officers in the capacity of Narcotics, Fugitive Apprehension, Detectives, and Warrant Service Teams. The curriculum features 1 day of firearms training featuring marksmanship principles and fundamentals, weapon manipulation techniques for restrictive environments, and principles of weapons safety within team elements.  Firearms will conclude with live fire vehicle engagements, and principles of cover and concealment in and around vehicles.  8 Hours of  Vehicle Interdiction / Mechanical Breaching techniques and procedures, and 3 Days of Close Quarters Tactics training.  This course format is excellent for a team and individual officers to establish uniformity, and team cohesion in Tactical Operations.

**Officers who have not had Close Quarters Tactics or Entry Training beyond basic levels should complete T.P.O.C. prior to this course. 

2022 Courses
Quarter 1
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Quarter 2

 JUN 27-JUL 1

|   Jeffersonville, IN   $615

AUG 22-26


NOV 14-18

|  New Albany, IN   $615