Norse clients understand the success that comes with systematized and standardized training. Training time is a precious commodity for Law Enforcement Officers and the agencies that they represent. Advanced training requires more time spent in formal courses to achieve quality results and more time spent post formal course time to ensure proficiency.

Students attending Norse courses utilize the Portal as an essential part of the course. Communication between students and from students to instructors in conjunction with instructional video segments of course content produce exceptional levels of proficiency and retention of course content.

Students who become subscribing members of the Portal have continuous access to these resources. The value of training is much greater if the student is able to retain the information with a high level of proficiency. Skillsets which do not get utilized and practiced on a daily basis will consistently diminish. These skillsets are often those that are necessary in an immediate manner within a critical situation.

Train with Norse anytime, anywhere.  Join hundreds of officers from across the country in the Norse Training Portal. 

Patrol Operations Division


  • Daily Video Content

    • Firearms

    • Close Quarters 

    • STOPS

  • Open Memeber Discussion Forum

  • Member Chat

  • Norse Instructor Discussion

  • Norse Instructor Private Chat

$19.99 / month

Special Operations Division

  • Daily Video Content

  • Group Specific Advanced Content

  • Weekly Discipline Videos

    • Precision Rifle​

    • Breacher

    • Mobility

    • Tactical Medicine

  • Portal Training Day / Portal Symposium Access                        (After 90 Days)

  • Discussion and Chat Features 

$29.99 / month

Group pricing available for department or team level memberships. Contact us directly at 
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