Miniature Red Dot Sight (MRDS) - Pistol Course 

MRDS Pistol  |  2 Days  


This course will introduce students to the specific considerations for employing a pistol equipped with a Miniature Red Dot Sight. Students will learn techniques to properly install, maintain, and protect the optical sight, along with general upkeep methods.  The course will present peripheral equipment considerations including holsters, iron sights, and maintenance tools.  Students will learn the fundamentals and principles of marksmanship with specific techniques to enhance capabilities utilizing the equipped optical sight system.

2021 Courses
Quarter 1
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Quarter 2

MAR 29-30

|  Paducah, KY   $400

MAR 17-19

|  New Albany, IN   $475

SEP 21-22

|  New Albany, IN   $350

DEC 6-7

|  New Albany, IN   $350