Tactical Leadership Course  (TLC)

Tactical Leadership   |   3 Days


This course will instruct students on the elements needed to plan and execute SWAT and Special Response operations. Students will learn administrative, operational and post action procedures to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.  The curriculum will instruct team leaders and commanders in optimizing their performance in their individual roles and cooperative efforts in maintaining a team that is properly organized, equipped and trained.  Students will learn procedures for mission planning, mobilization, execution, and effective after action processes.  Scenarios will feature full mission profile exercises with post exercise analysis and applications of lessons learned into subsequent exercises.  

2021 Courses
Quarter 1
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Quarter 2

FEB 15-17

|  Jeffersonville, IN   $600

JUN 2-4

|  Jeffersonville, IN   $600

SEP 1-3

|  Jeffersonville, IN   $600