Tactical Medicine (TAC MED)

Tac Med  |  2 Days  


This course will instruct students on modern techniques for rendering care during tactical operations.  Beginning with the critical concept of establishing and maintaining security to allow for treatment, students will understand tactical considerations and techniques to ensure that they are as effective as possible in completion of tactical operations and capacity to render aid if necessary. Students will learn techniques to assess a patient, locate and identify wounds, treatment and post treatment considerations.  Students will learn the most current and effective equipment and items along with proper techniques for implementation.  Officers on tactical teams will benefit from the capability to render aid during operations, and understand the needs and considerations of medical personnel to ensure effective treatment.  Medical personnel attached to teams will learn ground breaking techniques and unique equipment along with the most effective implementation methods to maximize their effectiveness and capabilities as a tactical medic. 

2021 Courses
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MAR 15-16

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JUN 17-18

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SEP 11-12

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