Precision Rifle Course   (PRC)

This 5 day course will instruct students to understand all factors necessary for the highest degree of accuracy for a Precision Marksman / Observer.  The curriculum features proper set up and maintenance of a precision weapon system to ensure maximum accuracy.  Students will learn to utilize ballistic results specific to their weapon system to verify actual data.  Upon completing this course students will be able to engage multiple targets in rapid succession, with extreme precision, under stressful conditions.

2022 Courses
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

FEB 14-18
MAR 7-11


|   New Albany, IN   $615
|   Alexandria, LA    $895

JUN 20-24

|   Darlington, WI   $885

SEP 19-23

|  New Albany, IN  $615

OCT 3-7

|   N Carolina (TBD) $895

This 5 day course will enhance the students capability to support SWAT operations as a Precision Marksman / Observer.  The curriculum features exercises in which students will positively identify and successfully engage targets through various glass barriers, moving targets, and targets that are intermittently visible.  Students will learn the procedures to utilize results from these exercises to develop more precise data and expand their capacity to successfully engage targets with precision. This course is limited in enrollment  to ensure sufficient instructor / student interaction.  

* Completion of PRC Level I is required for enrollment in this course. 

2022 Courses
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

OCT 10-14

|   N Carolina (TBD)   $1045

FEB 21-25
MAR 14-18

|   New Albany, IN   $765
|   Alexandria, LA    $1045

JUN 27-JUL 1

|   Darlington, WI   $1045

PRC Level I    |   5 Days   
PRC Level II    |   5 Days