Norse is proud to partner with IN FOP Lee Deich Memorial Lodge 99 at Hidden Valley Range.  Hidden Valley Range has been a training site exclusively serving  Law Enforcement in the South East Indiana region for many years.  This partnership begins an initiative to jointly expand the capabilities of the existing facility.  The ranges can accommodate multiple clients simultaneously, and new operating procedures ensure a safe, efficient and effective training experience for all clients.  

Norse has instituted the Range Safety Officer training program from our Instructor Development training program. The RSO program is an annual certification to allow instructors from all client agencies to run their internal training programs while ensuring that they have the knowledge and capability to maintain stringent safety protocols in accordance with Hidden Valley Rules and Regulations.  All clients must have one certified RSO present on each range that they are using.  

The upgraded facility configuration features the following offerings:

  • Four - 25 YD Flat Ranges 

    • Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun / Less Lethal  ​

    • Ranges can accommodate 8-12 Shooting Positions.  

    • Target Stands with Backers Provided.

  • Unknown Distance Rifle Range (UKD) - 600 YD  / 900 YD Shooting Stations​​

    • Primary Shooting Station ​100 - 600 YDS  

    • Secondary Shooting Station - Fixed 900 YDS

  • Multi Purpose Range - 50 - 300 YD 

    • Utilizes 600 YD Shooting Station on UKD Range.  ​

    • Patrol Rifle Training - Mid Range

    • Launched Munition Training

  • Shoothouse


    • 3400 Sq Ft Clearance Space - Modular Design - Rapid Configuration Change in Minutes.

    • Non Lethal Marking Ammuntion Training

    • Distraction Device Employment Training

  • Classroom

    • 40 Person Occupancy​

    • A/V System 

    • 2 - 50 IN TV / Monitors

To accommodate this increased capacity for clients, Norse and FOP Lodge 99 have implemented an online  range scheduling process. Visit the calendar on this page to view range availability, and utilize the links to fill out the required waiver, or submit a request to reserve a range.


 The Norse / Hidden Valley FOP Training Facility will be the premier training facility in the Midwest region. 

  • 4 Separate Bays

  • 25 Yard Distance

  • Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun

Shoot House
  • 3400 sf clearing space

  • Modular Design

  • Multiple External Approach, Primary Entry Options. 

Unknown Distance Long Range
  •  600 YD Primary Position

  • 900 YD Truing Position

  • Stalking lanes

  • Multi Purpose Capabilities

  • Classroom with A/V System

Facility use requires advance reservation, completed payment,  and a certified range safety officer to be on site at all times during training. RSO Certification Course are conducted by Norse Staff.  All personnel must have a current waiver on file, or sign a waiver prior to training. Use the links below to request reservations, RSO Course, and to sign waiver.  Contact Norse Hidden Valley Staff for questions or assistance: fop099@gmail.com.

Hidden Valley Range Availability