The Norse Method 

The Norse Method of training emphasizes a strong balance of practical application and understanding the "why" to the how. Modern LE and Military operations require well rounded, intelligent,  and independent thinking assets that are able to process threats in real time. We reinforce decision making based on principals not scenarios. 





Breacher 101

Precision Rifle

Low Light Pistol

Vehicle Engagement




Breacher 101

Precision Rifle

Close Quarters Tactics
Close Quarters Tactics 2
Tactical Patrol Officers Course
Tactical Patrol Officers Course 

This 3 Day course will present the most up to date and effective methods of clearance.    

This course combines 2 days of deliberate clearance principles with a 1 day introduction to hostage rescue.

This 2-day course is designed specifically for Patrol Officers. The course combines 1-day of live fire training, and 1 day of Close Quarters Clearance techniques.

This 3 day course expands on the fundamentals learned in TPOC while introducing the patrol rifle into the clearance procedure.

TacFirearms 2
Precision Rifle
Precision Rifle 2

This 1 Day course will improve the students level of marksmanship, as well as improving the efficiency of weapon manipulation.  

This 2 day course will continue to improve students level of marksmanship and efficiency of weapon manipulation while also employing both pistol and rifle platforms during movement.

This 5 day course will instruct the students on the principles, and application of precision rifle marksmanship within multiple environments.

This 5 day course expounds on the principles of precision marksmanship while building on the individual and sniper team capability

Breacher 101
Breacher 201

This 1-day breacher course will address the safe and appropriate employment of the different types of breaching equipment and techniques.

This 2-day course will provide students with a range of mechanical breaching techniques, as well as an introduction of how to implement these into CQT.

This 5 Day Course is specific to Tactical Law Enforcement Operators that have received required training for SWAT Operations. 

 This 5 Day Course will focus on operations with elevated threat levels that demand an accelerated operational tempo.  

Low Light Pistol
Vehicle Engagement
Vehicle Interdiction
Tactical Leadership

This 1 day course introduces individual technique, tactics and procedures for employing a pistol in low light conditions utilizing both a weapon mounted and hand held light source.

This 1-day course teaches officers specific skills involved in engaging targets within and around vehicles using live fire engagement.

This 2 day course will teach students the procedures and techniques which are critical to the proper planning, preparation, and execution of vehicle clearances.  

This 4 day course introduces individual leadership techniques, tactics and procedures within a tactical environment.

Rural Operations
40hr Tactics

This 5 day course introduces individual and team techniques, tactics, and procedures for a multitude of mission sets while operating in a rural environment.

The 40 Hour Tactics Course is designed to offer maximum flexibility for training for a group of officers.  This course will allow officers to receive 5 days of the highest quality training in a format specific to the needs of the team or department. 

Is a 2 day course that teaches immediate care under fire, and is intended to expand the scope of an operators skillsets to include emergency medical proficiency.

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