The Norse Method of training emphasizes a strong balance of practical application and understanding the "why" to the how. Modern LE and Military operations require well rounded, intelligent,  and independent thinking assets that are able to process threats in real time. We reinforce decision making based on principles not scenarios. 

TacFirearms Level I, II


CQT Level I, II, III


Low Light Pistol

Vehicle Engagement

Vehicle Interdiction

Breacher 101 - 201

Explosive Breaching

Precision Rifle Level I, II

Rural Operations

Night Vision Operator

Training Portal

Team Sustainment

CQT Level I

TPOC Level I

TacFirearms Level I

Breacher 101

Precision Rifle Level I

Close Quarters Tactics
Tactical Patrol Officers 
Tactical Firearms
Warrant Service
Tactical Leadership
Officer Rescue
Low Light Pistol
Vehicle Engagement
Vehicle Interdiction
Precision Rifle Course
Mechanical Breaching
Rural Operations
MRDS Pistol
Team Tactics Course
Explosive Breaching
Tactical Medicine
Night Vision Operator
Firearms-Instructor Dev
Tactical Patrol Course

Norse Course pricing is standardized to courses at Norse Facilities. Open courses at remote facilities will feature the inclusion of travel expenses. Course cost will be displayed in the registration section under the individual course. In the event of cancellation a credit for the amount paid will be held for the student or agency.  The course will be rescheduled and existing slots will be moved to the re-scheduled dates.  Contact Norse for further details. 

 2021 Norse Course Catalog