40 Hour Team Tactics Course

Team Tactics Course  |  5 Days   |   Price on Request


This course will provide a comprehensive curriculum for 40 hour training blocks for tactical teams.  Built around the Norse Close Quarters Tactics system, the curriculum provides flexibility to the team by allowing a custom format best suited to the teams training needs.  The standard format features the Norse Close Quarters Tactics Curriculum in a 3 day block, along with two days of ala carte curriculum.  Teams can choose from selected existing Norse curriculums, including: Tactical Firearms, Mechanical Breaching, Vehicle Interdiction and Vehicle Engagements.  The team also has the option of expanding the CQT portion into a full 5 day block.  This option is a preferred method for  teams to standardize and systematize their tactics.  Teams may also select additional days of firearms training, or breaching within the 5 day block.  Contact Norse to build a curriculum for your team.